The Two Leaders I Know


"The Two Leaders I Know" is a moving personal evaluation of the political consequences as seen through the eyes of a 40 year old man. This one man play which has since been turned into a film has previously been performed successfully in Norway at The National Theatre in September 2008, Strindberg Theatre in Sweden, Holland at The Hague, South Africa, Malawi etc and it did premiere at the Harare International Festival of the Arts to rave reviews.

Like many of his peers Zimbabwean actor, director, producer, administrator and social justice activist Daves Guzha has ONLY BEEN exposed to the rule of Ian Smith, the last leader of rebel Rhodesia and Robert Mugabe the current leader of Zimbabwe currently fighting with all he has to remain in charge. This one hour play, utilizes, theatre, dance, music, poetry and visuals clips and is a very poignant piece of work which is filled with realism which interrogates issues of belongingness and achievements. What role does fate play in one’s life? Should he be envious of a child, from a different country, half his age, whose tender years have been influenced by the same number of leaders and possibly more?. What difference would it make? Are all lives influenced by Politics?

This work is informed by the wars, riots, sanctions, food shortages, price controls etc experienced under the rule of the two leaders who have been in power during his lifetime. The journey starts with him as a 12 year old and culminates with him trying to celebrate his 40th birthday and tortured with failed marriages and blessed with 2 lovely children.