Film director: Gamu Tawengwa
Producer: Daves Guzha
Genre: Drama

Languages: Shona and English
Nationalities: Zimbabwean

Prize / Festival: Women, Wine and Words Festival

Production Companies: Rooftop Promotions
parental rating: 18
Status: Finished

"Three ladies of the night decide they have had enough of ladies of the nights and need to venture into more lucrative business and explore the potentials or opportunities in their line of business. They have had all types of customers yet their lives have not improved in any way. From a brilliant idea by one of their own, a more vibrant project that is supposed to champion their empowerment and development is conceived. Suddenly, they have the opportunity to be in business as they square it up to their male counterparts who have always had unfair advantages over them, their mothers, their grand mothers and other women of the world. The three are then recruited by a business woman to collect sperm from their male victims.